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Company history

Midas Eyewear, formed in 1998, meets the needs of consumers looking for rimless eyewear made with dedication and passion and that special eye for detail. All our rimless products are manufactured to be both cosmetically pleasing yet still meet the very highest optical standards.

Four good reasons for choosing rimless eyewear from Midas

  • Your individual design can be created from an infinite variety of lens shapes with added extra features producing a truly bespoke and unique product.
  • Lightweight by utilising the very latest in lens materials by reducing the thickness


  • Available with clear prescription lenses, tinted sunglass lenses or the very latest Transitions® lenses that will darken with sunlight or remain virtually clear when worn indoors giving comfort, quality and protection.
  • All High Index and Transitions® lenses give your eyes full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays all year round. Ensure you ask for these when visiting your optician.
  • Midas Rimless Eyewear is available in a wide choice of designs and colours to suit your own image
  • Midas Eyewear Limited is committed to conserving the environment

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Now Spring is virtually here (we hope!) the purchasing of polarising clip-ons for your eyewear is essential.

We have already seen how our customers are trying to beat the weather by preparing for those longer sunny days.

Don't leave it to the last minute… we can manufacture a bespoke pair for your present glasses.

Alternatively why not order a pair of clip-on�s when you order your new Midas eyewear for which you will receive a �25 discount when presenting the voucher on the Midas Eyewear home page.

Not only are they the darkest everyday lenses ever, but also the first lenses to darken inside the car and keep a slight tint indoors for extra comfort.

Transitions Optical continually bring patients the optimal products to suit their individual lifestyles and so have developed their darkest everyday lens yet - the Transitions XTRActive, adjusting up to traditional sunglasses�darkness: 90% tint at 23�C. XTRActive lenses get darker faster, even in hot temperatures: 80% tint at 35�C.

Transitions XTRActive lenses are ideal for dynamic, active and modern people with outdoor habits, who live or travel in sunny places, or spend a lot of time driving. All Transitions lenses offer eye protection by blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time. By adjusting to both UV and visible light, XTRActive lenses activate to a comfortable level of tint for driving; up to 50% at 27�C.

Midas Eyewear are a member of the Transitions LabNetwork