Why is Midas Eyewear so different to other rimless eyewear suppliers?

  • They have been closely involved in the design and sale of both plastic and metal eyewear for over 40 years
  • The last 30 years have been occupied in the design, manufacture and sale of purely rimless eyewear
  • The totally dedicated staff have been trained to provide the very best in personal service that you would associate with a bespoke product
  • An ongoing commitment to bring you new and exciting rimless designs

  • The manufacture of the lenses is carried out in a bespoke laboratory designed to ensure a product of the highest quality is supplied.
  • The Company commit virtually 100% of their time to ensuring rimless eyewear is both designed and made to meet each consumers personal taste
  • Midas Eyewear Limited is committed to conserving the environment.
  • Wherever possible we ensure products are sourced within Europe to minimize our carbon footprint. We also believe in recycling our waste products whenever the facilities exist.