The Sella has proven, with modern lens designs, to be an irresistible attraction to the younger rimless wearers, particularly when offered with a selection of popular colours. Along with an affordable pricing structure, this is a most attractive option

  • A design created with almost 12 different exciting lens shapes to appeal to all, but above all stylish and still hand crafted!
  • The chance to choose from seven different side colours, giving the wearer the freedom of making up their own design from a combination of 84 different rimless designs!
  • Although simplicity has been the keyword when introducing this range, it is still possible to add extra features seen on other Midas ranges

  • We are not daunted by those slightly higher prescriptions and will automatically minimize the edge thickness by adding a small facet to the inside edge of the lens ensuring the best aesthetic effect is obtained
  • These exciting ranges of rimless eyewear are glazed in Milton Keynes to the very highest standards. They are light, flexible but sufficiently firm to be capable of accepting the majority of prescription lenses
  • When purchasing this product we advise our supplier to minimalize packaging, for this to be recyclable and where possible to be made of a paper derivative. This helps in our company commitment to ensure we minimise CO2 emissions, use packaging from renewable resources and recycle all paper materials reducing any harm to our planet