Discreet but different
The Piavé model in the special alloy – Genium – has swept the board and although only recently launched will set a record as being our highest selling rimless model

  • A design created with 12 different classical lens shapes giving the choice of a bespoke and hand crafted piece of eyewear. The three side colours are gold, light rose and graphite – and by being interchangeable give a possible combination of 36 different rimless models! All temples come with two elegant Austrian crystals to give the wearer that feeling of exclusivity
  • Many extra features can be added to the lenses – single, two or three coloured hand painted grooves and fine facets and to those wishing for a little panache – an inset Austrian crystal in the lens!

  • With those slightly higher prescriptions we will automatically add a discreet facet to the inside edge of the lens ensuring the very best cosmetic effect is obtained
  • Made of Genium this model is hypoallergenic. They contain less than 0.02% nickel – well within the EU Nickel Directive 94/27/EC, controlling the nickel content for eyewear
  • These fine pieces of eyewear are manufactured in Italy and glazed in Milton Keynes to the very highest standards. They are light and flexible yet retain sufficient rigidity to ensure they are capable of being used with the majority of prescription lenses
  • Purchasing this product from Italy helps us to meet our company commitment in ensuring we minimise CO2 emissions and reduce any harm to our planet